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“ Trains with amazing techie-gadgets will take you to the future!”

InnoTrans trade fair this year showcases different competitive trains from companies in participating countries. Competitive as their latest innovations displayed in a wide exhibition area, flaunts the high-tech capabilities of one another. France Alstom, engineer for high-duplex train, TGV, stakes the idea of additional features for the train seats including headphones and tablets. This will be your techie-gadget along the trip, ensuring you that you’ll be able to access your travel itineraries. Along with this, technology capacity of this train can make you believe that you can watch in a wide screen using window convertibles. This competitive strategy of train manufacturers leads them to be appreciated in a journey in which travelling time is one-of-a-kind. Such innovations can be achieved only when engineered studies are made. Upon application of this train to public, it will be at high-potential risks for suppliers mainly China in which they are now handling Alstom Transport. If the government supports the proposal for this train, struggle for price management can be a big deal. Still, Europeans believe that train innovations can be an additional strategy for the economic growth. Competitions are increased hence technological development application for trains are being observed and in the midst process of system engineering. Greater competitive skills are being drawn out to countries with oil gulfs since they are the one that can manufacture a train with higher capabilities of futuristic add-ons/techie-gadgets. For now, while public are preferring mass transit, different countries are engaged in competition again for pleasant management of journey thru innovative trains.