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An atricle may come in a variety of forms. It may be a "news" article, or a striaghtforwad account of a recent of localm nbational, or international relevance. News articles are generally consicem simple written, and focus ont the "who, waht, where, and when" of a partical event.

A "feature article" on the other hand, discusses its subject in the greater depth and detail, tackling as many dimensions as possible, while retaining a semblance of objectivity. A feature article may incorporate primary and/or secondary data, thus makes attributions to its sources where necessary.

An "opinion article"';echo "gives free rien to its writer's point of view, and needs no attribution. It is best exemplified by an";echo '"editorial," which has a clear bias for or against a particular subject, whether this is a news event or an issue of current importance.

A "technical article" is addressed to a specialist audience and is frequently recognizable from its liberal use of jargon. It is rigorously researched and provides detailed citation to its sources

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