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A blog is a website that is generally maintained by an individual, and features regular entries presented in reverse-chronological order. Blog entries may consist of commentary on a subject or subjects that are of particular interest or relevance to the “blogger.” They may also be descriptions of events as they take place; or reflections, random or otherwise.

The personal blog is the most common type of blog, and could best be described as an online journal or diary. Personal bloggers may have a specific audience in mind when posting their entries, but more often than not, they are happy just to “speak their mind,” or to have an outlet for their thoughts.

Blogs may also serve business purposes. A corporation or organization may put up a “private” or “internal” blog that is accessible only to employees, or to otherwise designate individuals. Such business blogs help to enhance communication within the organization, specifically by facilitating feedback. Meanwhile, blogs that are used for marketing purposes, for promoting brand awareness, or for public relations purposes are called “corporate blogs.”

Blogging may also consist of answering questions. Blogs receive and answer questions that are posted by filling out a submittal form, or sent through email, telephone, or VOIP.

Blog Writing

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