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College essays are a category of essays that are specific to college education. It is notable that colleges require students to make a lot of essays on various topics. Students may be required to make five essays for five different courses at the same time. Because of the broad use of college essays, they can be made on practically any college-level subject matter.

Aside from being varied in terms of the subject matter, college essays can also take different forms, as all essays can. These forms include:
  • Narrative college essay.
  • Descriptive college essay.
  • Expository college essay.
  • Persuasive college essay.
  • Argumentative college essay.
  • Comparative college essay.
  • Reflective college essay.
A college essay should be able to address the needs of the college student not just in terms of satisfying the teacherís requirements, but also in showing that the student is actually capable of developing an effective college-level essay that is fit to be considered as collegiate work.

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