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      An essay can be described as the collation of several theories and speculations into one whole body of accumulated facts organized into a justified single composition. A wide selection of topic is offered in making an essay. It is first perceived by selecting a topic according to the most preferred topic of the writer by which he or she has the passion of creating the said topic. Then classification will follow. Several topics are laid down and to be selected by the writer, it may be from a chosen subject or a kind of event. Multiples of chances can be picked as probable topic under a certain cluster of classification.

      Opinions, thoughts and suggestive elements can be provided with proper justification and references to strengthen the point of a problem. Hence, essays are valuable in terms of the content. It deliberates thoughts and produces clarity of presenting a statement with supportive elements to prove its validity.

      Essays are classified into three major groups that serve as guidelines in doing this paper; the introduction, body and the conclusion. The scope of an essay is subjected to the genre that the essay is trying to point out. In addition, two major types of writing can determine what styles the essay will can be approached to by which the thesis can be concluded to. By making a concept map or a freestyle writing, the scope can be limited to what the thesis conclusion will be.

      The purpose of making an essay varies. The most common reason is for a specific subject that would require a writer to produce a well-studied topic in order to justify a thesis statement. On the other hand, essays are also used to strengthen an opinion or opposition of that topic. From the basic and simplest subject, up to the most in-depth matter, the purpose of creating an essay stays the same, which is to give full-justice to what is perceived by the writer with regards to the topic.

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