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There are a variety of papers that students make as part of their academic training. Paper can vary, depending on the topic and how such topic is treated. Despite the fact that papers can be made with relative freedom in the aspect of research and choice of objectives and arguments, students are typically limited because of the specific instructions that teachers give. For instance, students may be required to create a paper that is based entirely on peer-reviewed journals.

This calls for the creation of custom papers. A custom paper is essentially a "customized" paper that is intended to comply with the requirements that are imposed by the teacher, instructor or academic institution. In this regard, a custom paper can take a variety of forms, including:
  • Community planning custom paper.
  • Medical analysis custom paper.
  • Political analysis custom paper.
  • Child development custom paper.
  • Architectural design custom paper.
  • International relations custom paper.
  • Economics custom paper.
  • Plant processing custom paper.
A custom paper can be specialized, as can be seen in the examples given in the list above, or common and general, such as a custom paper on globalization in general, or on the US Constitution. Overall, custom papers are a broad classification of papers that are made according to the specific standards and requirements of teachers or institutions.

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