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Research paper writing involves the utilization of existing research literature for constructing a research paper. The aim is to find and integrate research materials to establish a compelling support for the thesis statement. As such, research paper writing may be difficult or time consuming, especially when the thesis statement or the subject matter is highly complex.

Research paper writing should produce a paper that is well structured and well supported by literature. The following are some of the most important considerations in research paper writing:
  • Thesis statement. The thesis statement should be concise but comprehensive enough to present what the research paper writing is all about.
  • Objectives. The objectives should be based on the thesis statement. Research paper writing should be done to accomplish the objectives.
  • Related Literature. The related literature includes the past researches made on topics that are quite pertinent to the authorís thesis statement. Research paper writing should focus on acquiring and using only the most pertinent of related literature.
  • Method. The method refers to the way the research paper writing is done, particularly in terms of analysis and collection/organization of data.
  • Findings. Research paper writing should make findings based on the data, such that objectives and the thesis statement are strongly supported.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion should reiterate the thesis statement as well as the objectives and findings, and then indicate whether or not there was sufficient data to support the authorís claims.
Research paper writing is not an easy undertaking, especially when the topic is highly specialized or complex. For example, if the research paper writing aims at describing the relationship between education levels and healthcare level, the author would need to acquire data that can be especially difficult to find. Overall, research paper writing can be difficult or complex, but it offers a strong and effective way of presenting a claim and supporting it.

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