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      Based on a single topic to be discussed, a term paper is defined as a kind of paper that produces a lengthy final output, which produces a complete framework of the subject matter from the most basic detail of the given problem, up to the most affluent number of questionable parts of the thesis. It always answers a question that is supplemented by justifiable solutions written in a very formal manner. Usually, a college level course demands a term paper. More than creating research paper or an essay, a term paper demands a defendable agreement to discuss. The more a topic is interesting, the more it is acceptable to the jury.

      Creating a term paper determines specific subject matter to discuss. The scope of a term paper is dependent on the specific matter to prove. Usually, a term paper only focuses on a very specific single topic that needs to be proven, as the statement of the problem indicates, at the end of the paper, which is a part of the conclusion. The key of a good term paper is found in the major concepts and keywords of the paper, which gives a very clear representation of words and its relation towards the solution of the problem to address. Defining term paper means to understand the correlation of using examples, details, divisions and comparison and contrast for the purpose of strengthening the validity of the term paper. The strength of a good term paper always relies on a direct proposition and a straight to the point answer to the problem.

      Classification of term papers are as follows; according to its length, if it is a long-term paper or a short-term paper. Other classifications as well were based on the type of educational level a writer attained and the type of categories that the writer has to take into consideration.

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