5 Essential Tips on Writing Essays


Ah—writing! To others, it is a breeze but to some, it is a hurricane. It makes us rattled about the topic, the process, and of course, the deadline. Essay writing is a common requirement in school, especially in college. In general, while writing essay has a standard format, there are different types of essays and it takes more critical thinking than simply creativity or perfect grammar. If you are a student, you might find the following tips as essential on writing essays:

  1. Know the subject matter.Whether it is all about animal use in entertainment or the activity of microorganisms in fermented foods, it is essential to be knowledgeable on the subject matter. Here, it does not mean you are an expert, though, as some essays can be exploratory in nature. The best way to know the subject matter is to read and read, making sure to gather sources that are credible and up-to-date. Depending on the professor’s requirements, some sources are not allowed. In the end, content must be rich—invest on it. When you know the subject matter, the content weight in gold and you do not risk yourself stuffing words just to comply with a number of words.
  2. Brainstorm using cluster sheets. The truth is, even the most creative essay writers can get loaded with ideas, making it difficult to write with coherence. Never underestimate the power of brainstorming, too. To ensure a motivational start-up, try doing a brainstorming sheet, which comes in a form of cluster diagram. Through this, you will be able to have organized thoughts, especially since you are literally penning it on a paper.
  3. Exhibit a sense of style. Writing essay, style may have a lot of meaning in essay writing. It can be the use of grammar and punctuation or even the invisible yet noticeable tone of the writer. Yes, we can call it writing style! Each writer has a style and you can easily identify it when you read his or her article. The article can sound serious, funny, intelligent, or angry. However, while one can play with the writer’s tone creatively, a lot of essays must adhere to proper grammar and punctuation. Read here more to learn few tips.
  1. Understand the types of essay.Ok, ok, you may know the subject matter and you may have been very witty even in writing. But to guarantee a nice essay, especially one that will be graded at school, it will be indispensable for you to know what type of essay you are writing about. There are many kinds of essays but they all have the same parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Are you comparing, explaining, or evaluating? These are just three of many types of essays. Most professors would prefer one type over another. Make sure you are informed about it.
  2. Inject creativity. Sure, there are so many types of essays and some would think other types are more boring than the others. Consider academic writing where the tone is very formal, full of jargons and all. But no one should consider writing essay as boring. In fact, even academic papers welcome the idea of catchy titles. Meanwhile, choice and description essays are perfect types where your creativity can be injected—but then again, you can be creative in whatever type of essays. Just follow the correct format and you will not feel kind of boxed!

Remember, when writing an essay we have given you these quick tips that are essential in writing essays.  See for yourself that they are neither demanding nor boring. Care to try?

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