How to Write a University Essay

Five Effective Ways to Write Your First University Essay

If you are eyeing to get into a good university, then you must be aware that a university essay is among the things that you are required to do during application. A university essay is used to assess the strength of your critical thinking and your ability to communicate this thinking into a persuasive essay. It is therefore one of your tickets to a successful academic life. Thus, you must write one that has a lasting impression that will eventually secure you a slot in your dream school.

Writing your first university essay may be confusing at first. Writing it can be quite challenging, but ultimately rewarding. A thoroughly planned and organized essay takes a lot of hard work, especially if it’s your first. But getting there is not as hard as you think if you keep these tips in mind. Here are five effective ways to write your impressive university essay.

Tips on how to write your University Essay:

  • Analyze what you are asked to write. University essays cannot be written in a quick, hurried manner. A university essay must be thoroughly organized, starting with an analysis of what you are asked to write about. You must determine the context and establish your essay from your context. To do so, you must separate the question into key parts, elements and details. Then, explore core issues, causes, solutions, possible results. Try to compare and contrast on an argument based on similarities and differences. Then, plan your approach on how to discuss your topic.
  • Organize your thoughts and ideas. Based on your analysis, you are now ready to organize your ideas. It is best to develop ideas by using an outline. An essay has three important parts: introduction, body and conclusion. In doing your outline you must focus on these three essential parts. Ask yourself, how do I introduce my essay? What content should be in my body? How do I conclude my essay? Each part must contain a thesis statement, the backbone of your content. A thesis statement must present a clear argument and a main point. Think of appropriate sentences that will support your thesis statements/ main points. Gather examples and evidences to back up your arguments. Remember that a well-developed essay shows well-organized arguments which make readers understand your essay more.
  • Write your introduction, body and conclusion clearly. With your outline, you can now start writing your essay. Remember that essay must have four important elements: clarity, conciseness, coherence and completeness. Based on your evidence and main arguments, write your paragraphs based on these crucial elements. Your message must be clear, not too wordy, with consistent arguments, and complete facts and evidences. Do not write unnecessary ideas and thoughts in your essay, Stick to your main points and arguments; avoid beating around the bush as it will only make your essay confusing and unclear. Be direct to the point. Use appropriate words and descriptions too. A clear and logical written university essay will only get a great points.
  • Edit your work.Grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling are also important elements of a good university essay. Readers and evaluators will be turned off with your unedited essay that is full of wrong words, misspelled words and unclear sentences. Therefore, be sure to edit and proofread your essay before you turn them in. Check your facts, spelling and words. It is always pays to have an impeccable essay that is free of wrong spellings and misused words.
  • Cite your sources properly. Be sure to cite your sources properly. Check that they are accurate, complete and that they follow a consistent format. A good writer knows how to cite his or her sources. Make sure that you do the same.

So, with these tips on writing an effective university essay, are you now ready to write yours?

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