Persuasive Essay

Composing a persuasive essay is similar to being a lawyer who is arguing a case before the judge. The composer of essay takes a stand on a certain issue, either “for” or “against” and it creates the strongest possible argument to take the side of the reader. In writing a persuasive essay, it is the writer’s responsibility to convince the audience to accept his thoughts about a particular issue. It will need to have a good research, solid understanding of both sides of the issue. A good  essays represents not only the writer’s point is valid, but also why the other views is not acceptable.

Writing a persuasive essay is a combination of modern life which can be seen in advertising, blogs, newspaper editorials, and political speeches. A lot of times, writing a persuasive essay is focused on contemporary issues. One Examples of persuasive essay is legalization of abortion. The main purpose of writing this essay is to persuade or convince other readers so that they will also agree with the writer’s opinion.

            The 5 steps in writing a persuasive essay include:

  1. Prewriting for the Persuasive Essay

This phase of writing is very significant because this is the part where the writer should plan for content of the paper. Writer must think of an issue and choose which side he agrees. The writer must also understand the perspective of the reader in order to write an effective persuasive essay. Readers might agree or disagree, the writer should know. It is important for the writer to review the topic because it depends on a solid and convincing evidence. The writer should not only rely on a single source. As much as possible it is highly recommended to find credible sources or search on valid online sources. It is also best to talk to experts in order to learn whether or not you are on the same page.

  1. Creating an Outline and Structure

It is best to organize evidence to create the strongest possible argument. If there is a specific structure, it is good to incorporate it in into the outline. Five to six paragraphs are most composed of a persuasive essay.

  1. Drafting the Persuasive Essay

When working on the first draft, the writer must consider having a strong topic that will grab the attention of the reader. It must include a thesis statement and should not leave any doubts about the content of the paper. Every paragraph must have a different point. The writer should not assume that the reader understands or is familiar with the topic. The final paragraph should summarize all the important points and encourage the audience to agree with the position.

  1. Revise the Persuasive Essay

In the revision phase, the writer proofread, modifies, and reorganize their composition with a purpose of making it the best as it can be.

  1. Publish the Persuasive Essay

Publishing your essay online or in print can be exciting and intimidating. As much as possible it is highly advisable to learn from experience and utilize the comments and suggestion.

By learning to write a persuasive essay, do you find it simple to compose one?

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