Working Students: A Unique Breed of Jugglers

As they say, you cannot serve two masters at the same time. But what if you have to? Like what a working student does, when he or she balances life between working and studying. Is it possible that efficiency can be achieved in both aspects when you put yourself into working and studying at the same time? Well, the American Association of University Professors doesn’t think so because a new research finding suggests that students who are working at the same time and are engaged in a multitude of roles creates anxiety among them and lowers graduation rate (Perna, 2010).

Working while studying may indeed pose a challenge for a student in his or her journey to achieving a degree, however, there is an undeniable fact that for some, working may be essential for a student to finance his or her studies. Jobs such as a service crew in a fast food chain or a student assistant in the university are two of the most common among working students. A number of them spend sleepless nights in the effort of dividing their time between their role as an employee and as a student.

Yes, a lot may find it difficult to be a working student, but it’sa common and accepted norm nowadays; especially in a time today where the necessity of being a degree holder increases,however, at the same time, the cost of living and economic challenges rises as well.  But hey, even though study findings suggest lower graduation rates among working students, the few who make it are enough for us to believe that success is still possible, right? Perhaps for some, it will just take a little longer compared to the regular students who are not working, but what is important is you still make it. After all, we have always heard of the saying “slowly but surely”.

Perhaps, the magic word will be BALANCE. To be able to balance time and focus will be the key for a working student to succeed. So how can you do it? Well here are some tips that you may find useful and will help you conquer the challenges that come along with working and studying at the same time.

Helpful tips:

  1. Find a flexible job. It is important that you will be able to find a job that will let you have time for studying. Choose a job that will require a few number of hours and at the same time will spare you the energy and time you need in order to fulfill your responsibilities as a student.
  2. Make your manager aware. Let your immediate superior be informed that you are a working student so that he or she will aware of the considerations you need and that there will be a great chance that you will be given a schedule and workload that will fit your study and class schedule as well.
  3. Set your priorities. There are times along the journey of a working student that one may need to choose between work and study. So during these inevitable and challenging times, make sure to be able to arrive at the most practical and wise decision. Knowing your priority is the key; give up which of the two is your less priority. Keep your eyes on the prize, be mindful of what your ultimate goal is.
  4. Knowing all these, are you ready for the challenge of being a working student? Yes, it will be challenging, but what kind of success hasn’t required hard work and persistence anyway? It takes a tough mind and body to juggle time and life between work and study, as well as it takes a determined and strong soul in order to succeed. So how about you, what is your take on the concept of being a working student?
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