What is Compare and Contrast Essay?

Writing an essay is part of academic life. All students will experience having to write something, regardless of the subject matter or the type of essay involved. Essays can also be long or short, but all of them have the same components—the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is important to have a clear, strong, and concise thesis. More often than not, one can have a clue what kind of essay the author has written through the thesis alone. Compare and contrast essay called when similarities and differences involved.

When writing a compare and contrast essay, there are a variety of intentions that must be clarified. It can be through examining similarities or investigating differences. Both similarities and differences can actually included in compare and contrast essay, in some cases. Confused? You may look for examples and their parts—or even look for the angle to find which suits best. In this way, your essay can be more organized as you have already straighten your thoughts.

Now, let us proceed to the core aim of compare and contrast essay. Compare and contrast essay exclusively meant only to show which is better by surface. Actually, there are other reasons of writing a compare and contrast paper. Aside from showing which is better, this can also be used in clarifying a less known subject matter, producing fresh insight that may not be known by others, and bringing the topic to a more detailed analysis. Good critical thinking skills are also indispensible in writing a compare and contrast essay.

Below are helpful tips in writing your essay

  • You may need to use organizational structures of your choice, such as point by point method, block method, or comparisons then contrasts.
  • Connectors are powerful. Usesimilarly, likewise, just as,or correspondingly when comparing and on the contrary, conversely, meanwhile, or unlike when contrasting.
  • Write truly interested subject matter.

Writing a compare and contrast essay might be one of the most demanding types of essay because you really need to know the two subject matters being compared or contrasted. But, following the tips above may lead you to produce a fascinating piece of writing called essay. Good luck to your compare and contrast essay.

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